Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Enrich work closely with FCO Human Resources providing a range of services including assessing senior managers for promotion to the Senior Civil Service and providing high quality development advice, training internal assessors, providing coaching and development support to staff at all levels from middle management to very senior levels.

What Enrich bring is an unparalleled knowledge of management and development theory and tools which they draw upon to fit the specific need whether it is in a coaching session or in a training context. They have played a key role in the FCO's successful programme to significantly improve the quality of its leadership and management.

As partners, we have benefited from their commitment, professionalism, flexibility and willingness to regularly go the extra mile to ensure a successful outcome. They will never let you down. They are great team workers and can adapt to working well with any group (internal staff or alongside other external partners) and win trust and confidence. I strongly recommend them and do so with utmost confidence.


Gerry Reffo
Assistant Director, HR
Foreign & Commonwealth Office

John Lewis Ltd

John Lewis has introduced a new and exciting programme called ‘Horizons’ which allows staff to identify and then develop their leadership and technical skills whatever their current position within the organisation. Individuals, who have achieved excellence in their current job, are nominated to attend an ‘Assessment of Capability’ centre which objectively assesses capability of working at the next level. Those who are successful then join the ‘Aspiring to be’ programme and undertake focussed personal development for several months. Individuals then attend an ‘Assessment for Readiness’ event which helps individuals decide when they are ready to start applying for jobs at the next level.

Enrich has played a fundamental role in designing high quality content for this programme and were commissioned by Fiona Jackson, Liz Spencer (Project Leaders) and Tracey Andrews (HR Director) to design all of the six centres we run for three tiers of management (Section Manager, Department Manager, Steering Group).

We were impressed by their professionalism and expertise; and ability to design and deliver three ‘assessment of capability’ events and three ‘assessment for readiness’ within very tight timeframes to high and exacting standards. We were also impressed by the willingness of Mike and Liz to exercise discretionary effort beyond their contractual obligations, to ensure we would deliver on this programme. Enrich have delivered very high quality results, in a caring and friendly manner, and have helped John Lewis enrich the capability of the individuals who create our organisation.

John Lewis Ltd, Horizons Project Team, HR.

Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman

We selected Enrich to work with us to roll out a 360 degree feedback exercise for all our middle managers and above. The objective of the project was to help to support our leadership and management development programme, as well as our organisational transformation process. From day one, Mike and Liz worked within our very tight deadlines demonstrating flexibility and good project management skills. The key value of working with the Enrich team was their ability to allay fears about 360, demystifying it as a concept and putting our managers at ease in one to one feedback sessions. This project has provided a valuable platform for both personal and organisational development and we intend to repeat a similar exercise in the future to benchmark our progress.


Emma Francis
Head of Learning & Development
Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman